Exploring the Ethical Minefield of Artificial Intelligence: A Closer Look at Risks and Concerns

Mon May 01 2023

Are you curious about the potential risks and ethical concerns surrounding artificial intelligence (AI)? Molly Jackson, Religion and Ethics Editor at The Conversation, has compiled a list of 4 essential reads on this topic. In this blog post, we'll briefly explore these articles, but we highly encourage you to read the full piece by Jackson for a comprehensive understanding.

  1. Ethical Debt As companies compete in the AI race, "ethical debt" emerges when development teams don't consider potential social or ethical harms. Casey Fiesler, a technology ethics expert, emphasizes the importance of speculating about possible negative consequences, especially for marginalized groups who might suffer the consequences.

  2. Is Anybody There? AI programs like ChatGPT may give the impression of being sentient, but they are not. Nir Eisikovits, Director of the Applied Ethics Center, discusses the risks of psychological entanglement with technology, urging for the implementation of "strong guardrails" to prevent programs from exploiting emotional connections.

  3. Putting Pen to Paper AI raises questions about writing and thinking. Naomi Baron, an American University linguist, warns against the slippery slope between collaboration and encroachment in AI text generation. She emphasizes that crafting written work should be a journey, not just a destination. Yuichiro Chino/Moment via Getty Images

  4. The Value of Art Generative AI programs can produce not only text but also complex images. However, Eisikovits and Alec Stubbs, a philosopher, argued that the true value of art lies in the process of creation and working through details, which AI might undermine.

To gain more insight into these ethical concerns and risks, read the full article by Molly Jackson https://theconversation.com/ai-is-exciting-and-an-ethical-minefield-4-essential-reads-on-the-risks-and-concerns-about-this-technology-204444.

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